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Solar Panel Cleaning in Burley & Twin Falls

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Solar Panel Cleaning

You rely on specially trained professionals to install your solar panels — you should rely on professionals for their upkeep, too. Nu-Vu Window Washing uses water purified through reverse osmosis so there is never hard water buildup left behind on your solar panels. We use non-abrasive brushes and pads to scrub your solar panels clean of dirt and debris. We don't use any corrosive chemicals that can harm your solar panels. We offer our solar panel services in the Twin Falls area and Burley.

When it comes to the installation of your solar panels, you understand the importance of relying on specially trained professionals. Likewise, entrusting the upkeep of your solar panels to professionals is equally crucial. At Nu-Vu Window Washing, we have the expertise and knowledge necessary to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your solar panels.

One of the key aspects of our solar panel cleaning service is the use of water purified through the process of reverse osmosis. This ensures that no hard water buildup is left behind on your solar panels, which can hinder their efficiency over time. By utilizing this purified water, we guarantee a thorough and pristine cleaning, allowing your solar panels to collect maximum sunlight and generate optimal electricity for your home.

To clean your solar panels effectively, we employ non-abrasive brushes and pads. These gentle cleaning tools are specifically designed to remove dirt, dust, and debris without causing any damage to the delicate surface of the panels. Our meticulous approach ensures that your solar panels are free from obstructions, enabling them to function at their best.

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Nu-Vu’s Solar Panel Cleaning Services Remove:

  • Dirt & Dust

  • Hard Water

  • Bird Droppings

  • Leaves & Twigs

  • Salts

  • & More


Why Should You Wash Your Solar Panels?

Much like any other appliances or electronics in your home, solar power panels require regular cleaning in order to operate properly. Solar panels work by converting the sun’s rays – and the light particles within the rays – into electric current that you use throughout your home or business. When they are dirty with dust and other debris, your solar panels can’t collect the optimal amount of sunlight for maximum electricity output. Washing your solar panels increases the sunlight collection and the electricity output overall. If you are in Burley or Twin Falls and its surrounding areas and need your solar panels washed or cleaned we are ready to help!

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